Teen At The Beach Bitten By A Coyote That Then Made Off With What They Were Eating

Chatham, Massachusetts. One thing you probably don’t expect to see while at the beach is a coyote, but that’s just what a 16-year-old teen recently ran into while enjoying a night at a beach in Chatham.

On October 10th, this 16-year-old and one of their friends were at Harding’s Beach, close to the second lot.

Around 8 that evening, this teen and their friend were sitting down on a blanket and eating together, and then a coyote came up to them.

“The coyote bit the teenager on the right ankle,” the Chatham Police Department said in a statement posted to social media.

“The teenager and friend ran away and the coyote then picked up some of the food and went into the dunes.”

Two days later, the Chatham Police Department was made aware of the incident involving the coyote and the teens.

“This information was forwarded to Massachusetts Fish and Game, Massachusetts Environmental Police and the Chatham Board of Health,” the Chatham Police Department explained.

“These departments will be following up with methods to address this issue.”

In light of the incident, the Chatham Police Department warned residents of the area to not feed any coyotes they encounter and to keep their pets far away from them.

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