This Dog Was Rescued From An Apartment Fire And One Of The Firefighters That Helped To Save His Life Just Adopted Him

Des Moines, Iowa. It was towards the end of this September when firefighters in Des Moines rushed to a local apartment that was on fire.

When firefighters arrived at the apartment, they were able to put out the flames, but after doing so, they made a surprising discovery.

Inside of the apartment was a young Mastiff, just 16 months old, and he was not doing well.

Firefighters got the Mastiff out of the apartment and laid him on the grass, where they started to give him oxygen in the hopes of saving his life.

“Once Animal Control arrived, they determined that there were two options of care for the dog: potentially expensive treatment at the owner’s expense or euthanasia,” the City of Des Moines explained in a Facebook post.

“The owner opted for the latter one.”

Facebook; pictured above is the Mastiff being given oxygen after the firefighters pulled him out of the apartment that had been on fire

And so, the Mastiff was sadly set to be put down. Malcolm Cortner, one of the firefighters who had helped to rescue the dog from the apartment fire, learned that the dog’s owner was going to do that, he decided to do something to intervene.

Malcolm spoke up and requested that the owner sign the dog over to him, so he could use his own money to make sure the Mastiff got the treatment he so desperately needed.

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