27 Years Ago She Was Kidnapped Out Of A Parking Lot Then Found Dead In The Woods And Although The Detective Who Handled Her Case Has Since Retired, He’s Committed To Getting Her Justice

Fort Smith, Arkansas. It was 1994, and 19-year-old Melissa Witt was a student at Westark Community College who also worked as a dental assistant in her free time.

Everyone called Melissa Missy though, and this lovely and kind teen’s dream was to one day grow up to be a dental hygienist.

On the evening of December 1st, 1994, Missy finished up at the dental office where she was employed, and she drove her car over to Bowling World, a local bowling alley where her mom Mary Ann was involved in their league.

Missy pulled into the bowling alley’s parking lot, found a parking spot, and shut off her car.

Moments before heading inside of Bowling World to see her mom, Missy was kidnapped out of the parking lot.

The only clues left behind that evening were her keys, one of the hoop shaped-earrings she had been wearing, and some drops of her blood. Clearly, Missy had fought back against her kidnapper.

Days went by, which turned into weeks. Then Christmas came and went, without Missy there to celebrate the holiday along with her family.

The residents of Fort Smith welcomed in the new year, 1995, and still, Missy remained missing.

Facebook; pictured above is Missy

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