9 People Discuss The Creepiest Unsolved Mysteries That They Have Ever Heard Of

Leah Croucher

“Happened in 2019 in my town. A few days after Valentine’s Day a 19-year-old named Leah Croucher mysteriously disappears on her way to work. On her way to work, there is a lake that she has to walk around.”

“There was CCTV footage on 2 spots on the footpath around the lake. She is seen walking on the first camera but there is a short space between the second camera (around 2 minutes) but she never appears on the second camera meaning she went missing in that short space between the 2 cameras.”

“She was a black belt in karate and her dad is a karate instructor meaning she probably could’ve fought off an attacker. A woman sees her just before she disappears crying with her AirPods in.”

“Divers search the lake multiple times but find no body. A few months later a woman claims she saw a hoodie that matched the one Leah was wearing when she disappeared hanging from a tree in the forest next to the lake but is no longer there. The family reveals she was having a relationship with a man in his 30s which they describe as X.”

“He was a married man I think who was having an affair with her. Her family tells her to end the relationship because he’s married and the relationship will not go far.”

“Just before Valentine’s Day, Leah’s dad drops her off at a premier (big hotel chain in England) where she was going to stay with her friends where they were going to drink alcohol and do their nails and gossip and just be normal teenage girls.”

“Friends say that they never did that. Later on, they find out that Leah walked off to a not as good hotel and pays for a room which she is suspected to have stayed in with X. No video footage proof as it’s been too long and the hotel deleted all footage from that time.”

“X is interrogated and has an alibi for the time she disappeared and deemed innocent. All Leah’s bank accounts have remained untouched and her phone turned off. Just before Leah’s 20th birthday, her brother commits suicide because he can’t deal with not knowing what happened to her.”

“Then covid hit and everyone forgot about her. Nowadays if you go through my town you will see missing posters from 2 years ago and a 5 thousand pound reward for information billboard on the motorway or spray paint on a bus stop saying find Leah.”


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