She Told Her Fiancé She’s Tired Of Always Doing The Holiday Cooking For His 20+ Ungrateful Family Members And She’s Asking The Internet If It’s Wrong Of Her To Refuse To Cook For Thanksgiving This Year

One woman is engaged, and her fiancé has quite a sizeable family. Between his mom, dad, brothers, brother’s SOs, and other extended family members, it always totals more than 20+ people from his side that they spent time with for the holidays.

Meanwhile, she only has two people from her side that come to spend Thanksgiving or Christmas with them, and this year, they cannot come for Thanksgiving.

“So for the past four years, I’ve been single-handedly cooking from scratch and hosting for both Thanksgiving and Christmas,” she explained.

She truly does everything all by herself, though her fiancé helps to check on the brisket. The reality is, it’s a lot to prepare food for 20 or more family members, and she has to start the night in advance.

She then starts cooking the morning of and all through that afternoon. When she’s finally finished, she’s so beat that she can’t even sit down and have a nice time enjoying what she made.

“Last year I requested that everyone attending brings one side dish or dessert, no one brought anything! I had a feeling that’s what it was going to be, as no one mentioned what they’re bringing so I prepared for it anyway,” she said.

“Just to also mention, I have never been thanked for hosting or cooking. Literally by no one.”

“All leftovers get picked over and taken home (last year I also had to cook the following day because there was nothing left to eat except some baked Brie that my MIL turned her nose up to, and I wanted to enjoy leftovers at least).”

That’s pretty sad to have a bunch of your fiancé’s family members act so ungrateful for all of your hard work, right?

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