She Vanished In April After A Party At Her Boyfriend’s House And Her Mom Fears That She’s Been Trafficked Or She’s No Longer Alive

Spring, Texas. 29-year-old Taylor Pomaski’s loved ones say that she’s a real sweetheart and a wonderful friend. She’s a vibrant young woman with a great sense of humor. She’s full of life and has a close relationship with her family.

Unfortunately, Taylor vanished in April after she was last seen at a party at her boyfriend’s house, and her mom fears that the worst has happened to her.

Let’s go back to April 19th of this year; that’s the day that Taylor’s boyfriend, former NFL player Kevin Ware, was arrested after being caught driving well over the speed limit at 115 miles an hour.

Kevin also happened to have drugs and guns inside of his car at the time that he was speeding. After his arrest, he made bond, and he was free for the time being.

Facebook; Taylor is pictured above

A few days later on April 23rd, Taylor made her relationship with Kevin Facebook official. Two days after she made that post, Taylor updated her status to say she was married, and then she disappeared.

Taylor was last seen the same day she changed her relationship status again. She was at a party held at Kevin’s Spring, Texas home.

Shortly after being spotted at the party, Taylor stopped posting on social media, and she stopped responding to text messages and phone calls from her loved ones.

Taylor’s mom Leslie quickly reported her as missing, since Taylor never goes no contact with her loved ones.

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