A Couple Lost Their Three Beloved Dogs, All In One Night, After Someone Poisoned Them With Antifreeze

Irwin, Pennsylvania. After they lost all three of their dogs to antifreeze poisoning last Thursday, Jill Gimeno has organized a GoFundMe for her daughter, Rachel, and her son-in-law, Jake.

Rachel and Jake had two Yorkies named Stark and Pepper, and a mini-Schnauzer named Hugo. This tragic event was unfortunately not an accident, either.

“Someone filled a Powerade bottle with antifreeze, cutting multiple slices in the sides of the closed bottle with the evil intent to poison their dogs that they loved so very much,” wrote Gimeno.

Once Rachel and Jake realized what had happened, they rushed to A-Vets in hopes of saving their pets’ lives. Each dog ended up suffering from organ failure.

“Unfortunately, all three of their babies lost the fight. In less than twenty-six hours, they all had to be put to sleep,” Gimeno said.

Not only are Rachel and Jake devastated over losing all three of their beloved pets, but they are also now left with a seven thousand dollar bill from the veterinarian.

GoFundMe; pictured above are Rachel and Jake’s three dogs

A police report has been filed, and their local humane officer has been involved. If anyone has any information, Gimeno asks that you please contact the Irwin police department or message her personally.

Until then, the GoFundMe is meant to help lessen the financial burden on Rachel and Jack after their terrible loss.

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