A New Pet Wellness Center In Minnesota Will Provide Services To Pet Owners Who Are Struggling To Financially Support Their Furry Friends

SecondHand Hounds, a nonprofit animal rescue located in Minnetonka, Minnesota, is launching a new initiative- Chuck & Don’s Pet Wellness Center (CDPWC).

SecondHand Hounds has been instrumental in saving over twenty-two thousand dogs and cats since its founding in 2009.

Now, CDPWC has been created with the vision of providing “social services to anyone who loves an animal, to enable them to keep their beloved pet where they should be- with their families.”

Some of these services will include pet food access, as well as access to veterinary care, training classes, and grooming for anyone who is struggling to care for their furry friends financially.

On their Facebook page, Secondhand Hounds describes why they decided to launch CDPWC. “Animal rescues often concentrate on bailing out the sinking ship of homeless animals, without trying to patch the holes! We believe this wellness center will start patching those holes in the twin cities,” they wrote.

“By enabling families to keep their beloved pets, Secondhand Hounds can concentrate on animals who are truly homeless.”

Nadezhda –

Many families in the past have had to give up pets because they simply could not afford their food or care.

But recently, the Covid-19 pandemic has especially exacerbated the financial struggle of pet owners.

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