After His Owner Passed Away, This Doberman Was Dumped Outside In The Freezing Cold For Two Months And The Only Reason He Survived Is Because A Neighbor Stopped To Feed Him

Detroit, Michigan. Levi is a blue Doberman who lived with his loving owner for 5 years until they passed away.

After the death of Levi’s owner, he was dumped outside in the freezing cold to fend for himself with no care at all.

The only thing Levi had to eat outside was a broken bag of dry dog food. He was able to survive his ordeal when a neighbor noticed him and stopped by to feed him.

“Levi was a beloved pet for 5 years, until his owner got sick, and died,” Michelle Reichmann wrote on a GoFundMe page for Levi.

“Relatives tossed him into the backyard to live, with part of a garage as his only shelter. They tossed a bag of Dollar Store dog food over the fence and left him to starve.”

Despite the neighbor stepping in, Levi was in awful shape last week when he was rescued from his terrible situation.

Levi’s rescuers believe that he was outside for two entire months before they were able to get him out of there.

As soon as Levi was rescued, he was quickly adopted to a family on Saturday that welcomed him with open arms.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Levi

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