Her Friend Launched Into Bridezilla Mode After Demanding She Dogsit During The Honeymoon

A woman has a friend that is going to be married soon. Her friend’s fiancé is wonderful, and she and her own fiancé are quite close to the bride and groom.

Her friend’s wedding is taking place this upcoming weekend, and she is so looking forward to this being over and done with.

Her friend has been incredibly stressed out planning her wedding, but she and her fiancé have been attempting to do everything they can to help her.

As soon as her friend’s wedding is finished, she’s off to her honeymoon for 9 days and so, her friend was looking for someone to dogsit.

The thing is, her friend never even really asked her to watch the dog; she just demanded it.

Her friend’s dog is not trained at all and doesn’t have a good temperament when interacting with other animals, including other dogs.

The dog also doesn’t know how to listen, so she’s concerned about watching her friend’s dog at her own house.

She lives on a farm with a few families, and they all have animals, and she knows the dog is going to basically fight the other animals.

On top of that, she has an indoor-only cat, and the dog is bound to cause issues with her cat.

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