Her Friend Launched Into Bridezilla Mode After Demanding She Dogsit During The Honeymoon

Although she was heartbroken, she pulled it together and went to the party anyway. On top of all this, her grandma isn’t doing well and is at the end of her life, so you can see why she was upset by what her friend the bride said to her.

She mentioned to her friend that it was disrespectful what had been said here, but her friend just kept going on and on about her lying and was not willing to hear a single thing she was trying to say.

She bowed out of the conversation, trying to keep the peace, but then her friend asked her fiancé what her issue was.

Thankfully, her fiancé had her back. “Fiancé supported me, bless his heart, saying that I’m grieving and her comments were rude and disrespectful,” she said.

“We knew she was stressed but coming after me wasn’t how this conversation was gonna go. My fiancé is a no-bs guy and was polite at first, but the bridal meltdown continued.”

“She said my grandpa’s death wasn’t important and had nothing to do with the current situation. Fiancé stopped the convo there as she was just digging her hole even deeper. None of us have spoken since.”

“Wedding is this Friday and I’m just gonna push through it like nothing happened and help where it’s needed. Don’t know what’s happening to the dog.”

“I don’t even know where to go from here in our relationship. She doesn’t want to hear me and invalidates my feelings and concerns.”

She completely understands her friend’s stress level planning a wedding, but she doesn’t want to be a “punching bag” for her, and she does have her own personal problems she’s trying to handle.

She has no clue how to even move forward from here, or if her relationship with her friend will even exist after this.

How would you deal with this?

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