Her Wife’s Family Was Not Invited To The Wedding After Being Outright Homophobic. Now, They Feel Wronged.

The wedding took place during the pandemic, so the invite list already needed to be kept short. As a result, only eleven guests attended the garden wedding- who were mostly the woman’s own family.

After the outrage at their engagement, the woman had never even considered inviting her partner’s family. The family had never even reached out to apologize.

Well, in the Facebook messages, the sister-in-law expressed how sad she was after seeing the wedding online. She felt that her family had missed out on such an important day.

The woman ended up blocking her on Facebook. But still, the messages did not stop.

“She would message me on Instagram, and then she messaged my wife. My wife was the one who made it clear that she wanted no contact with them unless it was for an apology,” she said.

The sister ended up coordinating a date and time for the family to facetime with the couple. But, unfortunately, nothing had changed in the slightest.

“We were yelled at for twenty minutes until I got up to grab water. I am very clearly pregnant, and then, as soon as I got up, they all started praising me, saying I would be an amazing mother,” she said.

The immediate pivot could not have been more obvious. Still, after the woman walked back to the facetime, the family was so disrespectful.

“My mother-in-law kept calling me a single mom, and my father-in-law kept laughing when I said we were raising them together,” she said. Her wife ended up pointing to her wedding ring for obvious reasons, but the family did not stop mocking them.

“They started asking who she was married to, where he is, and if she is planning on having kids with her husband,” she said.

That was the woman’s final straw. She ended up screaming at the family, and for good reason.

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