He’s In The Air Force And Rescued A Kitty While Deployed In The Middle East: Now He’s Trying To Bring This Kitty Back To America To Give Him A Loving Home

Smithtown, New York. Guardians of Rescue is a wonderful non-profit organization based in Smithtown that helps rescue animals from many walks of life.

One of the situations that Guardians of Rescue truly specializes in though is pretty unique and different from other types of rescue organizations. Guardians of Rescue routinely helps members of our military bring small animals back to America that they have rescued from awful and life-threatening situations.

It’s not only an extremely expensive and complicated process to do this; it can be very dangerous too.

Right now, Guardians of Rescue is working to assist a member of our Air Force named Staff Sgt. Madd, who came across a kitty in rough shape while he was deployed in the Middle East.

One day at the barracks he was stationed at, Staff Sgt. Madd discovered a cat that was desperately trying to escape the 120-degree heat.

“As he gave him a bowl of water and could see he was underweight and his coat was dirty; no one had cared for him for some time – if they ever had,” Guardians of Rescue explained in a Facebook post.

“Over the next few weeks, the cat would return for shelter and eat scraps found in the mess hall, so Staff Sgt. Madd began giving him proper food to regain his weight.”

Staff Sgt. Madd decided to name the cat Stan, and Stan quickly became a welcome addition to the barracks.

Facebook; pictured above is Stan

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