He’s In The Air Force And Rescued A Kitty While Deployed In The Middle East: Now He’s Trying To Bring This Kitty Back To America To Give Him A Loving Home

Stan is so attached to Staff Sgt. Madd that every time he sees him, he runs over to him immediately.

“The pair formed a strong bond – as is common with those serving overseas and animals they rescue – and Stan became a source of comfort away from home for the man who helped him,” Guardians of Rescue said.

“Then Staff Sgt. Madd received news his deployment was ending and his first thought was of Stan. How could he leave him behind in this place where every day was a fight for survival? ”

“The thought was heart-breaking, and he reached out to Guardians of Rescue for help to bring Stan home to America to live with his family.”

Facebook; pictured above Staff Sgt. Madd holds Stan

Guardians of Rescue is committed to helping Staff Sgt. Madd and Stan and they are currently fundraising to help cover the costs of getting Stan home to America with the man who rescued him.

“…It’s a fitting time we give back to those who make sacrifices for us, and two lives will be helped by your kindness,” Guardians of Rescue continued. “Let’s make another happy ending a reality and get Stan to safety.”

If you would like to donate to help get Stan reunited with Staff Sgt. Madd, who is ready to give him a loving and forever home here in the states, you can see all the ways to donate to this worthwhile cause here.

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