His Daughter Wanted To Wear Something Totally Inappropriate To A Wedding So He Told Her To Find Her Own Ride There After She Refused To Change

One dad has 3 daughters, ages 19, 24, and 28. His youngest daughter named Jill recently began going to community college.

His older daughters are out of the house now and working in their chosen careers, so Jill is the only one living at home with him and his wife.

Last weekend, this dad, his wife, and Jill were set to attend his niece’s wedding, which was a few hours away from their house.

He mentioned that his niece asked her guests to dress in semi-formal attire, so women were supposed to wear dresses, and men were supposed to wear suits.

“As we were getting ready to leave, Jill was taking her sweet time getting ready and I was kind of nagging at her to get going,” he explained.

“She had been out late the night before with friends and I’m sure she was feeling the effects of that.”

“When she was finally ready to go, she was wearing some kind of black, spaghetti strap halter-top thing with leggings.”

Obviously, Jill didn’t put on anything that fit with the dress code of the wedding, and so this dad did something about it.

He told Jill her outfit choice was inappropriate for her cousin’s wedding, and he said that she needed to find another outfit, fast.

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