She Pretty Much Went Out Of Her Way To Destroy Her Sister’s Whole Experience Shopping For A Wedding Dress, Leaving Her Sister And Mom In Tears

Last year, a 28-year-old woman tied the knot with her 34-year-old wife, and she thought her parents were not that excited about everything.

Her entire family is extremely religious, and they really did not anticipate her marrying a woman, especially since she had only gone on dates with men.

“When I told them I was marrying a woman (via text) their reaction wasn’t exactly positive but it also wasn’t negative,” she explained about her parents.

“My mom just replied, “Oh, you’re getting married?” And my dad just said “Oh ok.” Despite our differences in opinions, my mom did agree to help me plan the wedding and my dad agreed to walk me down the aisle.”

“My mom went dress shopping with me but didn’t offer any opinions. She just agreed with whatever I liked (flowers, cake, dress, decorations, etc.) but offered to chip in financially.”

Her mom was never mean to her about a single thing, though she felt her mom was not as excited as she could be.

But let’s just take a moment to point out that the way she chose to announce her marriage to her parents is just…weird. Over text? You think she would have told them face to face.

Anyway, she felt her mom was putting on a show about being happy after that.

Her wedding ended up being wonderful, and her parents were there but her grandparents skipped out, citing issues with their religion allowing them to attend.

Margo Basarab –

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