She Spent The Past 5 Years Cancer-Free, But After Becoming Pregnant She Learned That Her Breast Cancer Has Returned

Chicago, Illinois. Nora Gutierrez was 32-years-old when she was diagnosed with breast cancer; specifically a stage 2 aggressive tumor.

As part of her treatment plan, Nora underwent 2 surgeries, 6 rounds of highly aggressive chemo, and physical therapy.

Nora remained positive throughout this trying time and was able to beat her cancer. She spent the past 5 years free of it, but sadly, she recently was told that it was back.

“Fast forward to this spring, my husband Everett and I finally decided to try and have children after being cancer-free for 5 years,” Nora explained on a GoFundMe page.

“We were later overjoyed at the news that we would be expecting our first child in February 2022. I’m currently five months pregnant and thankfully, Baby G has been healthy and strong. We cannot wait to meet Baby G and already love him so much!”

GoFundMe; pictured above is Nora with her husband Everett

“But the unexpected happened six years after my initial diagnosis, it was discovered that the breast cancer had returned.”

“Thankfully, my husband and I caught it in time before it spread. While it is stage 1, it is again, an aggressive tumor.”

Nora and Everett are in the middle of planning for their baby and the joy and excitement they were experiencing has been put on hold as they navigate the scary reality of Nora’s cancer returning.

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