She Told Her Fiancé She Didn’t Care About Expensive Engagement Rings But She Found Out He Bought Hers On Amazon For $8 And She’s Pissed

A woman recently got engaged to her now-fiancé and the two of them have known one another since they were kids.

At first, they became friends, and they have been dating for years. Throughout their relationship, they have talked about getting married frequently, and now they’re on their way to making that happen.

“He proposed to me earlier this year,” she explained. “I have always been a woman who doesn’t care for diamonds or price points.”

“I told him $10,000 rings didn’t matter to me, as long as he truly loved me. Despite the title, I want to say I am not a material person. I have never felt money is an indicator of love.”

As they say, it’s the thought that counts, right? Well, she figured out how much her fiancé spent on her engagement ring and she is pretty pissed off about it.

While she was looking through Amazon, she came across a photo that appeared to be her exact engagement ring.

Her ring is really different; it has a black colored band and firey opals. There was no way the ring staring back at her on Amazon was anything except the one her fiancé proposed to her with.

“It was listed as selling for $8,” she said. “Honestly, by the time I saw it the colors on my ring were rubbing off so I knew it wasn’t a billion-dollar piece of jewelry. Still, I was upset. Both of us work.”

She said that while she and her fiancé are saving their money up, they both get around $300 each after saving every month.

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