This 9-Month-Old Puppy Is Having Trouble With His Back Legs And What He’s Suffering From Is A Medical Mystery

Unfortunately, his medical bills have risen to $14,000, and Chai’s back legs have given out, making it difficult for him to walk or stand.

A friend and medical expert told Christina that he suspects the infection could have grown unnoticed from a vaccination site close to a bone. Doctors will be checking Chai for this condition, known as osteomyelitis.

Though Christina and her friends only posted the GoFundMe four days ago, it has seen an incredible outpouring of kind words and donations from the online community. Messages included “Prayers for your pup” and “I love you.”

Hopefully, support will keep growing, and Chai can continue to receive the medical resources he needs to get back to his happy and healthy puppyhood.

You can donate to Chai’s GoFundMe here.

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