This Rescue Dog Was Saved From The Streets Of Korea And After Being Diagnosed With A Fatal Heart Disease Her Parents Are Trying To Raise Money For Her To Get A Pacemaker

New York, New York. Two years ago, Pocky was living on the streets of Korea, until a local rescue stepped in to save her.

From there, it seemed she would be adopted, but multiple times those plans fell through for Pocky until she met a couple by the name of Elisa and Greg.

Elisa and Greg live in Flushing, Queens, and they decided to welcome Pocky into their home with open arms.

Pocky was successfully adopted by Elisa and Greg, and Pocky has been living in Flushing for the past two years now.

“They rescued me from the streets of Korea 2 years ago and have given me a life full of cuddles, care, and endless love,” Pocky wrote on her GoFundMe page.

“They have always made my health a top priority so I can live a long, happy life, and share my puppy love with every human I meet!”

Sadly, Pocky recently began experiencing some worrying symptoms. She began having seizures and started to act, well, not like herself at all.

Elisa and Greg made multiple trips to the veterinarian with Pocky, and she was ultimately diagnosed with a fatal and extremely rare heart disease known as Sick Sinus Syndrome.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Pocky

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