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This Sassy Senior Dog Was Not Expected To Live Long At All When He Was Adopted 6 Years Ago And After Being Diagnosed With Cancer His Mom Is Hoping To Buy Him More Time

“People are always shocked to learn he was rescued at 10 years old and just how active and happy he is.”

Bill lives life to the fullest alongside Kathy, and she takes him on plenty of outdoor adventures including kayaking and hiking.

Kathy says that Bill really is the best example of what can happen when you provide rescue dogs with a loving home and proper care, and she’s hoping to have Bill in her life for many more years to come.

Bill does have that cancerous tumor on the upper part of his jaw, and it can’t be operated on in order to remove it.

The only way to buy Bill some more time is to undergo chemotherapy and a few different holistic treatments to shrink the tumor down and prevent it from getting in the way of Bill’s breathing and eating.

“He has had 5 chemotherapy treatments over the summer,” Kathy said.

“He is tolerating the treatments just fine and the tumor is showing signs of slowing its progression. I am hoping to be able to keep the treatments going and am humbly asking for your help in covering the costs of Bill’s cancer treatments.”

If you would like to donate to the GoFundMe created by Kathy to help will Bill’s growing veterinary bills, you can do that here.

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