3 Nurses Working At The Same Hospital Were Diagnosed With Cancer 3 Months Apart From Each Other

New York, New York. Cancer is the one word that can wreck even the strongest person.

The disease kills 606,520 people each year in the US alone. Cancer breaks many families. It affects everyone around the patient. The mental strain to fight it, along with the physical pain, isn’t easy for anyone to bear.

Families that have lost their loved ones to this disease find it hard to revive themselves, to go back to the way things were before.

Living with the terrible disease, praying to beating it, and hoping to come out victorious is what they hope for. To overcome the fight.

We may never know what and how the nurses and doctors at the cancer hospital feel when they see and treat patients with different types and stages of cancer. But here is a story of not one but three nurses who were diagnosed with cancer in the last three months.

Theresa, Helen, and Siobhan are three nurses who have worked at the same hospital in the cardiac department for over ten years and are good friends.

Unfortunately, all three women were diagnosed with cancer just three months apart from one another.

With their sudden diagnoses, all three have been forced to take medical leaves in order to pursue treatment.

GoFundMe; pictured above are Theresa, Helen, and Siobhan

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