7 Years Ago She Disappeared In The Middle Of A Difficult Divorce, Leaving Her 3 Beloved Children Behind And Her Family Knows Something Terrible Had To Have Happened To Her

After Jennifer went to the Walmart on North Atherton Street that day in May, she completely disappeared off the face of the earth.

When Jennifer’s mom couldn’t get a hold of her for a couple of days, she reached out to the Ferguson Township Police Department to report Jennifer as missing.

Jennifer’s family maintains that the police department brushed them off and decided that Jennifer had to have left all on her own.

Jennifer’s family knows that she never would have walked away from her kids, and on top of that, she did not have money, a phone, a credit card, or a car when she vanished.

Many of her personal things were later discovered in her hotel room.

Jennifer certainly would have needed money, a credit card, and a cell phone in order to pick up and move somewhere else.

Facebook; pictured above is another photo of Jennifer

“The family has maintained that Jennifer is in serious danger she is usually in contact with her youngest child at least once every day,” Jennifer’s family said.

“No one has heard from her since May 15, 2014. Jennifer’s family is very worried about Jennifer’s whereabouts. No calls have been made and the substantial money in the new account has not been accessed.”

It’s now been 7 years since anybody has seen or heard from Jennifer, and her family is sadly convinced that something terrible had to have happened to her.

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