After His Daughter Passed Away, This Dad And Disabled Veteran Devoted His Life To Keeping His Community Safe From Dangerous Reptiles Like Rattlesnakes

Sierra Vista, Arizona. A disabled veteran living entirely on a fixed income, Bill decided to provide a service to his community to honor his daughter, who died in 2013.

Bill’s work? Serving as a reptile handler and relocator. And he’s commonly known in his community as “the rattlesnake guy.”

A member of Bill’s community, Brandon recently created a GoFundMe to support Bill—widely known as “the rattlesnake guy”—as he keeps their community safe all year long.

In the GoFundMe post, Brandon shares that Bill can receive up to five calls daily during the peak summer season and that he’s picked up more than 200 rattlesnakes in 2021.

Especially impressive, Brandon shares, “That number does not include Mojave’s, Black Tails or Coral snakes.” Meaning that Bill is handling a whole variety of dangerous reptiles.

As of this post, Bill is the only person in the entirety of Cochise County who is licensed to remove reptiles and find them new homes far from homes and residents.

Bill also knows that some folks can’t afford to compensate him for the reptile removal, but this doesn’t stop him from saving lives.

He’ll pick up the animal, drive into the middle of the desert to release it, and absorb any incidental costs, such as gas or car service.

As though Bill couldn’t be more selfless, he even offers his services during the winter when it’s too cold to re-release the animals in the desert.

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