He Got Married To His Sugar Momma Who Is 36 Years Older Than Him And Now He’s Afraid She Just Thinks Of Him As A Toy

A 21-year-old man recently got married to his “Sugar Momma” who is 36 years older than him.

His Sugar Momma is 57, and although he truly is in love with her, he’s now afraid that she only thinks of him as a toy to enjoy.

He first met his Sugar Momma when he was nearly 19 and attending college. She happened to be at a festival his college threw, and she was not a student there like he was.

“She went for fun and approached me and thats when we first started talking,” he explained. “We didn’t start actually seeing each other until I was almost 19.”

After they did start seeing one another, his Sugar Momma offered him money to hang out with her and also to sleep with her.

“After that, she started introducing me to her friends and started spoiling me more and giving me more money,” he said.

His Sugar Momma insisted that she was paying him since he was in a difficult spot financially, and he wasn’t able to support himself and pay for college.

His Sugar Momma said she was happy to help him out until he could graduate.

“We did this for over a year until she told me she wanted me to only be with her, and she said she didn’t want me to talk to other women at all,” he continued. “She wanted to be the only one.”

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