He Just Found Out That His Fiancée Has Spent Months Catfishing Their Married Neighbor

A 23-year-old man is engaged to his 21-year-old fiancée, Jess. He’s been with Jess for 3 years now and they currently live with one another in an apartment building.

Some of their neighbors, specifically a woman named Karen and her husband, are pretty awful towards them simply because they’re people of color.

Karen and her husband will not leave this poor man and his fiancée Jess alone. They constantly call the cops on them and report them for “suspicious activity” while claiming they have criminal records (which they don’t).

Karen and her husband also have spread lies and rumors throughout the apartment building that this man and his fiancée are dealing drugs from their apartment.

One time, he even found Karen and her husband digging through a bag of trash they had tossed into the apartment dumpster.

On top of all this, Karen goes out of her way to be awful and rude to Jess.

Recently, he started realizing that Jess was on her phone a lot more; sending lots of texts and using social media.

He naturally became skeptical about her behavior and wanted to know who she was speaking with so much.

Jess laughed as she pulled out her laptop to show him what she had done.

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