He Offered To Pay For His Sister’s Wedding Since He’s Extremely Wealthy But After His Stepsister Asked Him To Do The Same For Her, He Refused

A 29-year-old man’s mom and dad ended up getting divorced when he was just 6-years-old and his sister happened to be 8 at the time.

Sadly, after the divorce, his mom wiped her hands clean of him and his sister, and they really didn’t interact with her for the remainder of the childhood.

His mom then went on to marry a man with a daughter that’s a year younger than he is. Meanwhile, his dad never married ever again following the divorce.

They all learned at some point that his mom had cheated on their dad with the man she then got married to.

When his older sister celebrated her 18th birthday, his mom decided to re-enter his life and his sister’s life.

She never stopped communicating with them upon reuniting with them, and he thinks she’s really been a decent mom to both of them in the resulting years.

Along with becoming closer to his mom, he and his sister managed to maintain a pretty good relationship with their new stepsister.

“Now before going any further, I must disclose that I was one of the founders of an app which was bought by a big private equity fund and I got a high 8 figures settlement as a result,” he explained.

“Also, I was a very early investor in Bitcoin, so from that also I earned massive profit. Suffice to say I am very well to do.”

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