Her Boyfriend Invited Her To His Family’s Christmas Party But Then Gave Her A Weird Excuse For Why He Had To Uninvite Her Last Minute

“Last time I was happy on Christmas was 3 years ago when my fiancé took me to his family for the holiday and he proposed to me in front of his family, but he had passed away 4 months later.”

In the two years that followed her fiancé’s passing, she spent Christmas single and grieving.

This year was supposed to a year where Christmas would no longer be sad for her, but her boyfriend completely destroyed that.

Her boyfriend does know about her fiancé and what happened to him since she was friends with her boyfriend prior to dating him.

Sadly, she spent all day yesterday by herself, crying in her bedroom and wishing her fiancé had never passed away.

Nomad_Soul –

She feels disrespected, betrayed, and sad that her boyfriend failed to remember her on Christmas, ad she really did lose all trust and love she felt for her boyfriend after this incident.

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