Her Boyfriend Moved Into Her Apartment But Now They’re Broken Up And He’s Refusing To Leave

A 27-year-old woman was dating her 28-year-old boyfriend for just a couple of months before he moved into the apartment that she rents.

They moved in together around 5 months ago, and she found out quite quickly that this guy is not the person she envisions herself with and she wants to get him out of her place as quickly as possible.

“We’ve had a lot of arguments and he just flat out isn’t the man I thought I was getting,” she explained.

“He has had the Tinder app on his phone, messages girls on Facebook, etc. He also drinks beer daily, he is unemployed so he starts drinking right when he wakes up.”

“He is prescribed a benzo for anxiety, and if you don’t know what happens when people abuse both of those at the same time, instead of explaining more I’m just going to ask you as a reader to google what happens when you mix the two.”

Her now ex-boyfriend gets extremely aggressive when mixing alcohol and his medication, and it’s clearly not safe for him to be doing it in the first place.

Aside from getting trashed on a daily basis, he never attempts to pick up around the house or do any kind of chores.

He opens packs of cigarettes and leaves the plastic wrap on her coffee table, and he uses tissues and leaves them lying around too.

He never puts his garbage and puts it in the trash where it belongs, so now her bedroom, living room, and kitchen are covered in garbage.

Viacheslav Lakobchuk –

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