Her Friend Is Staying With Her For A Month And Just Lied To Her About Wetting The Bed That They Both Are Sleeping In

A 30-year-old woman has a friend that’s staying with her for a month, as she is visiting from the country she’s also from.

Her friend is spending a bit of time with some of her friends in a local city, but her friend is mostly staying at her place.

On Saturday evening, they both proceeded to get drunk, and her friend wound up wetting the bed that they both sleep in.

The very next morning, she was still pretty much asleep, but she did hear her friend on the phone with her boyfriend admitting that she wet the bed.

She overheard her friend’s boyfriend telling her to find a hairdryer in an effort to clean up her mess.

A few hours later, she officially woke up, thinking that the conversation she had heard was something she had dreamt.

Her friend was asleep next to her and didn’t wake up until after she had left her place, so she never got a chance to ask her friend about the conversation.

She began to doubt anything had actually happened, but when she got home later that day, she realized her friend was gone, visiting another friend, and her bed was made.

“I thanked my stars and touched her side of the bed only to find it damp,” she explained. “Uh oh. I then bowed down to smell and the stench hit me.”

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