Her Husband Stole Her Jewelry, Which Is A Family Heirloom, And Gifted It To His Brother’s New Wife As A Wedding Present: Now She’s Giving Him 3 Days To Get It Back Or She’s Going To Stop Paying His Bills

“I freaked after my husband nonchalantly said he gifted it to his brother’s wife as a wedding gift.”

That’s right; her husband stole her jewelry, which is a family heirloom, and gave it to his brother’s new wife as a wedding present.

She was absolutely livid when she found out, and she could not believe her husband would do such a thing.

When she confronted him about it, he said her jewelry was simply sitting untouched in her closet and she hadn’t worn it since July of 2019, so he thought she would not miss it at all.

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He did try to console her by saying her would pay her back for it or buy her an equal set of jewelry once he gets a job, but she shut him down and said he has 3 days to get her jewelry back.

She threatened to “stop paying for everything in the apartment” if her husband did not retrieve her jewelry.

Her husband looked at her incredulously, doubting she would go through with what she promised.

Her husband is not willing to get her jewelry set back, because he thinks it will cause a scene. Instead, he kept repeatedly telling her he would buy her new jewelry or pay her back in the future.

“He kept talking about how tasteless and disrespectful it’d be for him to retrieve a wedding gift and said this will damage his relationship with his brother and family and also how impossible it was to retrieve the set in 3 days when the couple is on their honeymoon in another country,” she continued.

Her husband accused her of being financially abusive for promising to no longer pay his bills, especially since she is the one who makes all of the money in their family.

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