Her Mom Is Jealous Of Her And Trying To Steal Her Boyfriend

A 21-year-old woman has a mom who is 54-years-old. Her mom got separated from her dad a decade ago, but she hasn’t moved on.

She’s still resentful of the separation, and will constantly bring up how lonely she is without a man. Her mom also says there’s no man in her life to do things like care for her or drive her around and she’s afraid she’s going to die all alone.

Now, she began dating her boyfriend, who is 5 years older than her, about a year ago now. Things started out amazing between them, but now her mom is coming in the middle.

In the beginning, she and her boyfriend were really happy together and their relationship was very upbeat and bright.

They knew quickly they wanted to be together for the rest of their lives, and it initially seemed like a plus that her mom got along with her boyfriend great from the get-go.

Over the past six months, however, her mom has been getting increasingly closer to her boyfriend, and now she feels very uncomfortable with it all.

She thinks her mom is becoming jealous of her and getting obsessed with her boyfriend. She ultimately believes her mom is trying to steal her boyfriend away from her.

Her mom has been making more and more comments about how her boyfriend is so good-looking and how she wants someone exactly like him. Her mom also mentioned that she is literally living her dream.

Things are getting more out of hand than that though, and another thing that is really bothering her is that her mom and her boyfriend both rent office spaces in the exact same building.

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