Her Roommate Sent Her Boyfriend An Intimate Photo Before She Started Dating Him But The Fact That Her Boyfriend Still Kept The Photo Is Causing A Rift With Her Roomie Now

A 22-year-old woman lives with her roommate, who is 19, and they’ve been having problems with one another for months now.

They used to be very close friends prior to living together, but now they’re having issues communicating and any time they do speak, it gets pretty tumultuous.

Last night, she and her 21-year-old boyfriend decided to try to speak to her roommate’s 21-year-old boyfriend about what has been going on.

“I have solidified to her that I have never been upset with her interest in my bf before I even knew him,” she explained.

And here’s the thing that’s caused a rift with these roomies; her roommate sent her boyfriend an intimate photo of her bare chest before she began dating her boyfriend.

The problem is, her boyfriend has continued to keep this photo of her roommate because he finds it hot.

She did ask her boyfriend to delete it because it understandably makes her feel insecure and it’s weird because they all are living together.

She also is concerned that her boyfriend may have an interest in sleeping with her roommate for keeping the photo.

“Tonight she has said she doesn’t like the way I have treated my bf when we’ve argued in the past, that I play the victim card, I’m selfish, and think the whole world revolves around me,” she said.

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