Her Stepdaughter Trashed Her Wedding Dress And Now She’s Thinking Of Taking Out A Restraining Order Against Her So She Can’t Ruin The Wedding

This thirty-seven-year-old woman met her fiancé three years ago. Her fiancé had gone through a divorce about two years prior and has a daughter named Najwa.

The woman was hopeful that she and Najwa could get along. But, Najwa’s resentment towards her father’s separation from her mother has pushed her to treat this woman awfully– and even destroy her wedding dress.

Upon first meeting Najwa, the woman thought that they meshed well. Soon after, though, the woman discovered Najwa vandalizing her car and damaging essential documents.

“She damaged my passport to prevent me from traveling with her dad,” the woman explained.

Najwa used her biological mother as an excuse and claimed that she pressured her to act out against the woman.

Najwa is twenty-three years old– making her more of an adult than a child. But, the woman still tried her best to let things go and give Najwa time.

After all, this kind of transition can be difficult even for adult children.

Once the woman and her fiancé announced their marriage date, though, the pleasantries went out the window.

“She literally angrily screamed at us at the dinner table,” the woman explained.

Elena Kratovich –

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