He’s Currently Spending A Whole Week With His Girlfriend’s Parents For Christmas Even Though He’s Planning On Breaking Up With Her After The Holidays

A 30-year-old is dating his 25-year-old girlfriend, but he really doesn’t plan on being with her for much longer, and it makes him feel awful.

After thinking long and hard about their relationship, he just doesn’t believe they’re going to work out long-term.

His girlfriend is way more into him than he is into her, and in addition, they aren’t that similar at all.

Their personalities are dissimilar, their love languages are dissimilar, and all of these things are adding up to frequently cause issues between them.

“But the holidays suck for breaking up,” he explained. “I’m currently at my GF’s parents’ house for a week. Not gonna break up with her now.”

“Then we have to drive a day and three states away back to our apartment together. Then I have to break up with her? Right after the holidays?”

“After we exchanged gifts and everything? She doesn’t have a car, so then what… I pack up everything for her and drive her and her cat back to her parents?”

They both live together in a place where his girlfriend doesn’t have any friends or family members, so he has no idea how she would get home to her parents.

He thinks she could rent a truck to move her things, but he doesn’t consider that to be a nice thing to do to her, making her move all by herself without any help.

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