His Girlfriend Secretly Moved Herself Into His Apartment While He Was Away On A Work Trip

“I came back to my apartment two weeks later, noticing it had been filled with the majority of her belongings and a lot of my apartment reorganized,” he said.

“There was zero conversation about this happening. I told her this isn’t right and that I want to break up due to the lack of respect to not even ask or communicate with me.”

That’s right, his girlfriend secretly moved right into his apartment while he was away on his work trip.

“I told her that I enjoy my private space and I need it in order to keep up with running my business right now,” he continued.

“Additionally, told her I feel resentful over the fact she expects me to devote so much time and energy to the relationship when she’s around yet I am the only one capable and trying to support paying the bills for the necessities in life (Shelter, Food, etc).”

“She tries to justify her position by saying that she helps me clean and buys me little things for the apartment.”

He feels so upset by what his girlfriend did, and he’s concerned this is going to detract from his work.

He did talk to his parents about what happened, and they strongly believe that he should not be paying to support his girlfriend when she can’t even get out of her own way or help him out.

His parents are concerned it’s too much for him to work the way that he does and have to provide for his girlfriend.

They also think it’s going to drain him mentally as well as financially.

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