How Much Is Too Much? Her Mother-In-Law And Sister-In-Law Have Completely Upended Her Wedding Day And She’s Wondering If Her Feelings Are Valid

After her now-fiancé proposed with a placeholder, the woman went ring shopping with him and they chose their engagement/wedding rings together. Still, the woman’s mother-in-law cannot accept that the rings make them happy.

“She literally keeps sending me links to ‘more appropriate’–meaning, more expensive– rings because it would save the family embarrassment on the wedding day,” the woman said.

The mother-in-law is not the only in-law with strong opinions, either. The woman’s sister-in-law also felt entitled to be the maid of honor.

“My first cousin is my maid of honor. My sister-in-law threatened not to attend our wedding if we didn’t agree to make her the maid of honor. So, my fiancé had to talk her down,” the woman said.

Being an understanding bride, the woman also wanted her bridesmaids to feel comfortable. So, she only chose a color scheme.

Then, she left it up to the bridesmaids to select any dress style they felt the best in. The sister-in-law decided that she hated the colors, though, and insisted that the couple change the scheme.

“We are now letting her choose the dress and shoe style. We are buying them for her and the whole wedding party. It shouldn’t be that big of a deal– it is our day, and we want it a certain way,” the woman said.

As if all of these demands could not get any worse, the mother-in-law has also been trying to turn the wedding into a “black-tie affair.”

“She sent out a blast to our invitees with the ‘updated dress-code and gifts worth $250 at least.’ My fiancé and I only found out when one of his friends called to confirm,” the woman said, “We have had to call them all up to re-confirm they can wear anything they want and are welcome to turn up without a gift.”

The mother and sister-in-law duo also tried to kick out one of the woman’s bridesmaids for having tattoos, attempted to get a separate friend into the wedding party, and even called the cake vendor to order a “more traditional” cake.

“Are we being unreasonable? Should we just accept what they want and move on?” the woman asked.

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