She Found Out That Her Fiancé Lied To Her About Many Things And Had A Secret Relationship On The Side: Then He Just Disappeared

One woman who was engaged to her fiancé recently learned that he lied to her about many things, and had a secret relationship on the side. Then, he up and disappeared right out of her life.

The couple had been together for four years, but the last year together had been incredibly challenging.

They had even broken up, one of them had moved out, and then they’d gotten back together a few times.

She surprised him with a trip to Disney for their fourth anniversary. But, shockingly, she found out days later that he’d been in another relationship for over six months.

She confronted him, and he owned his mistake. They agreed to keep trying to work things out.

She shared her perspective on trying again. “For me, I figured since we were engaged to be married that I would handle the situation as if we were already married. What would a wife do? Especially when divorce wouldn’t be the first option.”

But then things took a turn for the worse. He told her he’d checked into a mental health facility and would be there for at least a week.

“Each day he’d call me or text me that he loved me and we were going to go to counseling.”

But things got even stranger when they were supposed to see each other again. He began blocking her calls and texts and completely disappeared.

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