She Has To Spend Christmas With The Woman Her Boyfriend Cheated On Her With

A 25-year-old woman has a 25-year-old boyfriend, and together they have two kids. 4 years ago, her boyfriend wound up cheating on her with his own brother’s ex.

She didn’t find out about it, and neither did her boyfriend’s brother, until February of last year.

This woman her boyfriend cheated on her with was not in a relationship with her boyfriend’s brother at the time of the incident, but she was living in their family’s house.

After her boyfriend slept with his brother’s ex, his brother got back together with this woman when he learned that she was pregnant.

Her boyfriend did take a paternity test, and she is positive the child is not his.

Her boyfriend rationalized sleeping with another woman since she did kiss one of her friends. In response to what she did, her boyfriend took things to the next level and slept with any woman he could find that would agree to that.

“Anyway, when I found out I was obviously extremely broken because before I found out about this, I absolutely hated everything about this girl, we just don’t get along,” she explained.

“I had only started really speaking to her about a year after they slept together but she just has an overall sh*tty personality even if she didn’t do this.”

“She was very jealous of me and my relationship and tried to create rumors about my partner and me that were far from true.”

Margo Basarab –

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