She Saw Someone Standing Outside Her Window Last Night And Then She Found Boot Prints In The Freshly Fallen Snow

A young woman lives with her roommate in a house, and frequently they end up home alone since they both work late.

Last night, she was home by herself and at approximately 8:30, she was sitting down at her kitchen table eating dinner.

Her kitchen table happens to be right in front of a window that faces one side of her house.

“We have no lights on the side of the house so it was pitch black,” she explained. “All of a sudden I saw a small light from a screen come on from outside, like the size of maybe an Apple Watch?”

“It moved out of sight and I thought maybe I was seeing a reflection. Until not even 2 seconds later when the light was back, but this time directly in front of me.”

“I stared out the window trying to figure out what I was looking at when a green dot appeared a bit above the screen.”

“My first thought was that I was being recorded, and I immediately moved out of the way and ran upstairs into my roommate’s room, only to find she wasn’t home.”

“I wasn’t sure if I should call the cops, but this isn’t the first time something weird has happened. A few weeks prior, my friend told me that while she was walking into my house late at night, she was approached by a man dressed in all black with a black mask on who came from behind my house.”

At the time, she did not call the police, but after the incident last night, she knows she definitely should have.

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