She Shared A Photo Of Her Extremely Expensive Engagement Ring On Social Media And Now Her Sister Feels Outshined

A 30-year-old woman has a sister who is 6 years younger than her who happened to get engaged just a week before she did.

Her sister was so thrilled to be engaged, and she quickly posted across all of her social media channels to share the big news.

Her sister’s ring was absolutely gorgeous, but it was on the smaller side.

One week after her sister got engaged, her fiancé proposed to her too, and she was completely surprised.

“He comes from a wealthy family and owns multiple tattoo studios,” she explained. “My engagement ring was significantly larger.”

She also was elated to be engaged, so she shared a photo of her kissing her fiancé on social media.

You could clearly see her ring in the photo that she shared, and some members of her family started comparing her engagement ring to her sister’s engagement ring.

“She calls me and screams at me and cusses me out for embarrassing her and her fiancé because he couldn’t afford a large expensive ring,” she said about her sister.

She did apologize to her sister because she was not trying to outshine her or make her feel bad about her ring at all.

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