She Told Her Sister’s Boyfriend The Truth About Her Sister’s Past And Then Her Sister Got Dumped

A 22-year-old woman has an older sister who is 24, and they have never had a great relationship with one another.

Her older sister was always the one causing problems, and that led to her sister having an awful relationship with their mom and dad.

Her sister fell into the wrong crowd back in high school, which resulted in her sister getting involved with drugs, skipping school, sneaking out of their house, and lying constantly to their mom and dad.

Her sister then developed a talent for manipulating men. “She was always seeing multiple guys at once, had a lot of boyfriends, and cheated on most of them,” she explained.

“It was getting worse over time, it started with bad grades, then stealing money from our parents and even got to a point when my dad had to pick her up from police station where she was high in a holding cell. She wasn’t addicted or anything, but she was using sometimes.”

Their mom and dad did absolutely everything to get her older sister help; counseling, therapy, you name it. None of it worked, and her sister wound up dropping out of high school for a second time.

Their parents kicked her sister out of the house, which was 4 years ago, and nobody heard a word from her up until recently.

3 months ago she celebrated a birthday and was shocked when her sister sent her a birthday card.

She decided to reach out to her sister and they started calling and texting one another. Her sister then said that she would come home to visit her and their parents.

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