She Told Her Sister’s Boyfriend The Truth About Her Sister’s Past And Then Her Sister Got Dumped

Last Friday, her sister arrived, with her boyfriend in tow. Surprisingly, her sister was able to get her life together.

Her sister now holds down a job as a caretaker, has an apartment, has a car, and is really doing well for herself.

She was thrilled to spend time with her sister, and their parents were quite proud to hear about her sister’s accomplishments.

She then struck up a conversation with her sister’s boyfriend, who has been with her sister for about a year.

Her sister’s boyfriend is a very nice man, and he actually revealed to her that he was scared to meet her.

She was completely confused by that, so she asked him why that was. Apparently, her sister lied to her boyfriend and said her family was terrible and they kicked her out as a kid.

“We talked about it more and she told him so many lies and twisted up pretty much everything and didn’t even mention what she had put our parents through,” she explained.

“She even told him, he was the second guy she has ever slept with, which is such a bs, she could have easily been with more than 30 guys. I couldn’t handle it anymore and I told the poor guy the truth and described everything from my point of view.”

“Next morning my sister and he had a really bad argument and he broke up with her and left.”

“She was furious with me, she told me she finally found a guy she loved and I ruined everything. She said she was lying to him because she was so embarrassed by her past self and was afraid he wouldn’t want her anymore if he knew.”

“She said she changed so much and is a completely different person and wanted to put her past behind her.”

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