She Was A Bridesmaid In Her Sister’s Wedding But After Her Sister Tried To Force Her To Change Her Appearance For Fear Of Taking Attention Away, She Quit

She loves herself and how she looks, so she found it incredibly insulting that her sister wanted her to change certain things for a “picture-perfect wedding.”

Her sister fully expects her to be a completely different person for the wedding day, and she’s not ok with that at all.

She’s had tattoos and colorful hair for years, so her sister can’t even claim to be surprised because this isn’t a sudden change.

In the end, her sister made it clear that if she would not change her hair color and cover up her tattoos, she was going to be kicked out of the bridal party.

“Your wedding is not that important to me to lead me to a point of changing myself,” she said to her sister.

“You either accept me like this or you don’t. Don’t expect me to change because you’re scared of not having a classy wedding because of me.”

She is fine with standing up for herself if that means she’s no longer being included in the wedding, but her brother, mom, and dad think she’s being a jerk for not giving in to her sister.

How would you feel in this situation?

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