She Was Either Born A Stray Or Dumped In The Street And A Local Memphis Business Stepped Up To Save Her

Memphis, Tennessee. A few weeks ago, the shop owner at Banyan Restorations found sweet one-year-old Murphy, either a stray born dog or tragically abandoned pet.

When Craig Strickland found her lying outside his door, she got excited to meet new people. So she tried to run to greet them. But, unfortunately, this was when they noticed her lame right leg.

Memphis Animal services organization posted her photo in their missing dog section and waited to see if anyone would claim her for “pre-adoption.” But, sadly, after 72 hours, there was no response.

Soon after, the folks at the shop decided to adopt her into their family.

They would keep her in the shop during the day while one of their carpenters would take her home at night and on weekends.

His family would legally adopt her, making Murphy a fantastic new addition to the Morton family.

Sadly, Murphy’s challenges wouldn’t end there. Animal Services found that her right leg had a fracture that required surgery and metal plates during her stay.

Without these measures, Murphy could even lose her leg to amputation. However, the surgery would cost a whopping $4,500, which was unmanageable to the kind family who had just taken her in.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Murphy

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