She Went Through Her Boyfriend’s Phone When He Was Sleeping And Found Out That He Sent Some Steamy Texts To A Girl He Used To Hook Up With

A 27-year-old woman has a 34-year-old boyfriend that she’s been with for 6 months now. She thinks her boyfriend is incredibly sweet, caring, and kind.

“He seemed so perfect that I had to pinch myself,” she explained. “He treats people so well. Goes out of his way for others. Has treated me like an absolute princess.”

She initially met him through some mutual friends they share when he flew from California to Kentucky for several months to find a new place to live.

She hit it off instantly with her boyfriend, and since then, they’ve been extremely close. Her boyfriend asked her to be official with him before he left Kentucky at the start of August.

He had to fly back to California to pack up his life and finish up a 6-week long assignment for work.

While he was away, they texted a ton, and he bought her a bunch of little gifts he picked up for her while traveling for work.

When he finally arrived in Kentucky permanently, she helped him get all moved in to his new place.

“I stayed with him that night.. and found a removable eyelash in his bed,” she explained. “I told him the next morning and he thought it was funny and texted his roommates about it.”

“2 girls live there also, (he lived with a couple and a brother and sister) and they often used his room as a guest room or movie room as he travels for work and was rarely there…”

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