She’s Pretty Positive Her Boyfriend’s Going To Dump Her This Christmas Over An Old Photo She Posted On Instagram

A 24-year-old woman has been dating her 26-year-old boyfriend for approximately 9 months now, and although she thinks her boyfriend is wonderful, she does think he suffers from retroactive jealousy when it comes to her life before he was in it.

Any time a conversation comes up about her ex-boyfriends, her boyfriend does get extremely upset about it.

Yesterday, she spoke to her boyfriend in the morning, and she thought everything seemed to be normal between them.

After they ended their phone call, she was quite surprised to get a text from her boyfriend making it clear that he was not happy.

Her boyfriend said he had been looking over her old Instagram posts, which is not something he had ever done before, and he noticed an old photo she had shared from a year and a half ago.

“The picture was of me holding a small fish I had caught and the caption was “This fish is what 6 inches looks like. Some of yall needed to be reminded,” she explained.

“I was single when I posted this and hadn’t even met him yet. It was raunchy and people found it funny.”

She couldn’t believe this was the reason why her boyfriend was mad at her, so she told him she would talk to him tomorrow.

In the meantime, she went back through her Instagram account and deleted every single one of her old pictures and posts.

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