Some Guy On A Golf Course Tipped Her $300 Ripped In Half And Told Her If She Went Out With Him He Would Give Her The Other Halves

Cassie explained that he said to her when he handed the ripped hundreds, “I’ll give you these now, and if you meet me in front of the casino… I’ll give you the other half.”

Cassie kept her composure and politely refused both the money and him.

Another group of golfers pulled up, and Cassie moved on to do her job. When she got back to her cart, she found the ripped bills in her drink holder.

She didn’t know what to do because she didn’t want to cause any problems with the golf course.

“It’s funny because he probably thinks he’s a genius, but you really just lost $300 for nothing,” Cassie pointed out.

She had no intention of meeting up with THDB and was not impressed by his actions or getting a $300 tip with “expectations.”

Reaching out to her TikTok followers, Cassie asked, “I just need to know if anything like this has ever happened (to you)?”

Soon after that weird incident, he came back to play. He gave her a shallow, ingenuine apology and the other halves of the ripped cash, but again, it did not sway her.

After the final encounter, she confessed to her TikTok entourage that she’s got bills to pay just like everyone else.

She taped the bills together, smiled, and gave THDB one more shout-out, “If you’re watching this, thank you, but like I said to you before, I’m gonna be accepting this as an inconvenience fee, and I’ll see you next time.”


So does this = $150?…. #cartgirl #golfer #golftiktok #golf #golflife #CinderellaMovie

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