Someone Hung This Dog From A Tree By Her Leg And A Hunter Saved Her Life When He Found Her In The Woods

Ponchatoula, Louisiana. Dealia Lambert’s partner Reed went hunting a few days ago in the morning, and he drove 2 hours from their home to get to the spot.

He brought his four-wheeler, drove out into the woods, and then parked to get out and walk to find a location to set up his deer stand.

While Reed was in the woods, he came across a horrific sight; someone had hung a dog from a tree by her leg, and she was shockingly still alive.

“He’s hundreds and hundreds of yards away from the 4wheeler at this point and he comes up on this sweet baby girl who had been strung up in a tree by her leg, seemingly to avoid her following her deserter,” Dealia wrote on a GoFundMe page.

“She is still alive! The flies and maggots have eaten up her little leg down to the bone and she’s starved.”

“No telling how long she’d been lying there. He could’ve easily put her out of her misery and went on his way, but he said she’s got so much fight left in her, he had to save her.”

Reed worked to get the poor dog down out of the tree, picked her up, and carried her all the way back to his four-wheeler.

Reed quickly made his way back to where he set up camp, then headed home to the house he shares with Dealia, dog in tow.

GoFundMe; pictured above is the dog right after Reed rescued her from the tree in the woods

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