The Zipper On Her Bridesmaid Dress Broke As She Was Supposed To Get To The Wedding Ceremony And Her Best Friend The Bride Says This Ruined Her Entire Day

Your best friend’s wedding is not only one of the most important days of their life, but it can also be a massive milestone in yours.

Unfortunately, one woman lives with a mixed sense of guilt and injustice as she puzzles out what went wrong between a friendship, a wedding reception, and a dress.

This woman’s friend had her wedding ceremony a year before her wedding because of Covid. The woman shared that she had been incredibly supportive leading up to the big day; “I made her bouquet, decorations, signs, etc., on top of working 40+ hours a week myself and renovating my new home with my husband.”

The day of the reception came, and the woman took her bestie to breakfast, ran last-minute errands, and they went to the salon.

But then a considerable roadblock entered their path; the zipper on the woman’s dress broke. She instantly panicked; what if her dress popped open in front of 200 people?

Her friends tried to safety pin the dress, but it did little to calm her nerves. This wardrobe malfunction had sent her into an anxiety spiral and her best friend, the bride, did little to help matters, yelling at her, “No one cares what you look like, no one’s gonna be looking at you.”

However, the day was saved when folks at the salon somehow fixed the dress. And the reception went off without a hitch, with all involved dancing and having fun.

But this didn’t erase the tension between these friends, and the bride later shared that the dress debacle had “ruined her whole day.”

The incident had taken up more time than anticipated and had made the bride miss out on some photo opportunities.

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